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Retailers and the Power of D

Distributors of the Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA) rely on healthy pet specialty stores as the direct link between products and consumers.  In turn, independents in particular should take advantage of the essential support their distributors provide to help them sell more and improve profitability.

When asked about the value that distributors can bring to your table, buying power is probably what comes to your mind first. Sure, distributors allow retailers to buy smaller quantities of product at larger-quantity prices and access a wider selection from fewer sources. But, did you know that your distributors can help you boost your selling power too?

To respond to this question, PIDA interviewed nine successful retails across the U.S. about how to maximize the distributor-retailer relationship.  Hear directly from retailers like you in the videos below, as they share what distributors bring to the table in terms of In-Store, Logistics, Promotional and Educational Support.

Fish Image Learn more about the nine successful retailers who participated in our videos.

In-Store Support

Distributors partner with your staff to make your store an enjoyable place to shop, providing knowledge on new and hot-selling products to set your store up for growth and success.

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Logistics Support

The distributor members of PIDA are industry experts who offer insights to guide your purchasing decisions, make ordering easier, help secure competitive pricing, plus much more.

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Promotional Support

Distributor sales reps provide a broad, industry-wide perspective for your local pet business, and give you access to additional promotional and marketing support to increase sales.

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Educational Support

Your distributor provides resources to educate your employees including product training and demos, plus online access to free training through Pet Store Pro

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